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hybrid-cloud-computingOnly in the world of IT, the truth of that day has long gone to care about the weather, but this does not mean that the cloud is coming at the end. In fact, the cloud has spread continued to grow. Hybrid : it occurs in addition to private and public clouds, is a new type of cloud. It is a combination of public cloud hybrid as well as private. Cloud itself is because it is made by way of a private cloud based on the agreement between the companies, and public cloud service provider that you previously.

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Yes, part of the cloud computing resources, it is a form of other parts of the environment, the public in the case organizations to offer, this is the right guess. Employees who allowed access to their own files and anywhere while to work, in the hybrid cloud, companies will be able to protect sensitive data. We do not want to waste resources on non-critical files and/ or light applications in some organizations, they will be able to use the type of cloud. Because they ran out of space in the data center of private cloud computing, the rest, there is no choice but to choose to implement hybrid cloud. Well, they only will be able to upgrade the hardware and software, but to keep them all, a large amount of money, cost of a large amount it costs more to do this is it. This is why known as hybrid information technology (hybrid short IT), also known new type of cloud computing.

In addition to the above, hybrid cloud computing system offers a lot of things to us. One is the ability, if necessary to maintain a permanent data storage of the external resource. Because during the use of this type of business for the cloud, the remote use of the public cloud services cost they like online storage, they are getting control of their data and to react quickly network. In order to reduce the data requirements company is large, to support the expansion of the business and public services. Another shot for cloud services, is that it has been properly installed, many employees to use the difference between them, it is impossible to see both systems. Can find the advantage here is a list of the advantages of other cloud hybrid cloud services.

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The use of hybrid cloud services, companies will be able to achieve the benefits from the various cloud computing private and public. Now, in order to experience the benefits of public cloud, you do not need to sacrifice the benefits of a private network they. The disadvantage of almost all of the two types of meaning from hybrid cloud. However, you must tend a hybrid before you choose the type of cloud you want to check thoroughly, large organizations and also function clouds.

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