Review About Sony Ericsson Liveview


To make life easier, technology is about innovation as well as invention, which will be the Sony Ericsson Liveview. But has its advantages or disadvantages, but it is an idea in the scale-up of innovation. Functions of these devices is that they do frequently we many approaches hands-free is built to do that is to create an opportunity to do so. It is possible that by using the Sony Ericsson Liveview, without having to hold them to hold, to get in touch with your Android device.

It to information, such as for equipment you allow to your Android phone via Bluetooth together with screen update Facebook or Twitter such, RSS feeds, missed call history, SMS of 1.3 inch basically it is a micro display that you have access. In addition, liveview can change the volume of the music to your phone, also skip between tracks.

Quick Start Guide a complete package consisting of a charger, unit itself, bracelet, and clip. With only the battery that is used frequently, because it followed a couple of time it takes to recharge, the charger is convenient. Bracelet be carried out can be used to attach a rope to a pair of jeans or bag is easy to clip and other tasks during use or carry as a clock while jogging. In addition, both methods that choose as a firm to be used to carry, you do not need to worry about the case without notice of your clip.

Device of liveview is composed of two buttons that appear on both sides. Left upper button which is used to switch the option is turned on and off power button at the top right. When it has the touch keys four at the four sides to move up and down, and Facebook updates text messages, and RSS Feed one of the functions of the device, if you have lost it around your home how it works, you enough to help you to find your phone You can find the “phone” option some.

If you press the right button on your Android device to find find the option of mobile phone, it responds with a warning sound, finding them easier, you liveview device displays the text on the screen it. This device, the number of times the device of your Android phone is requested disconnect and reconnect to be able to make a little heavier to show that you read an RSS feed on the screen of 1.3 inch small there is no such its shortcomings not as certain. Without you actually, if you want to keep to them in touch with your Android smartphone, Sony Ericsson Liveview is best for you.

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