Reviews About Web Application Acceleration

web-application-accelerationMany companies are using the web application more. After all, the labor force today is always on the go, it is to help to provide access to remote applications that employees where are they to maintain productivity. In addition to promoting the mobile workers, Web application is used to support customer, partners, also consumers . There is an advantage that you access as well as using the Web applications on the Internet, it is not the most efficient means of transport for delivery of Internet, the Web application. Plus, it is possible to control the IT is impossible it. If the end user wants to avoid the problem of availability downtime, or lethargy acceleration of Web applications is required.

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What is the speed of a Web application

In order to improve the speed of the web, performance together with the reliability, the involvement of high-speed private Web application, a variety of such redundancy elimination compression, caching proxy server, dynamic mapping, protocol optimization, also intelligent routing, application to optimize the network using the technique.

How to increase the speed of the working Web application

Specific process, but different speed of usually the next Web applications, Web application acceleration, to build a private network from a large provider. These networks are configured only for the purpose of improving the velocity distribution of the Web application, performance, reliability, and availability. High-speed network of Web applications, has been optimized as efficiently as possible. As a consequence, delivered via the network, it accelerate dramatically increase the speed and power of the Web application.

For example, the point of presence and the core private network TCP Optimization (POP) server may be able to be placed close to the end user performance is increased up to 10 times. Compression and object caching also contributed to improved performance. Improvement of Web Application Acceleration is very important for users who are located from the origin server much. For users, it improved the speed of 5-7 times faster than the Internet connection in general. The busy hour, generally, in many cases, it is slow remote user of the Web application accelerator that is used to increase the rate of 10 to 100 times higher than those that are connected to the Internet.

Benefits of Web Application Acceleration

It denying the appeal of faster performance is difficult to provide a number of advantages, many of these benefits, you can use through the power and acceleration of Web applications, in the context speed is directly to the improvement of the performance.

Load is slow it, for example, has left a web site already? Web applications of slow loading, has the same effect on the consumer. And also by using the improved performance, increased user satisfaction, and save more users to the page. It can increase the acceptance of the increase conversion, improve employee productivity, to increase the motivation of employees further. In the case of mobile users, Web application acceleration can improve the mobile user experience significantly.

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